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Stud conversion from FG to SG

Stud conversion from FG to SG

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Are you searching for your favorite pair of football cleats, but they are only available in FG? We got you!

Introducing our stud conversion from FG to SG, engineered to adapt to your needs effortlessly. With a permanent transformation from Firm Ground (FG) to Soft Ground (SG), your cleats ensure superior traction and stability in any playing conditions.


This service can only be purchased with a pair of cleats in our webshop. This service is not available on its own.

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Why convert from FG to SG?

  1. Unmatched Versatility: The permanent conversion from FG to SG provides unrivaled versatility for football enthusiasts. These cleats are designed to excel in various weather and field conditions, making them ideal for both dry and wet surfaces.

  2. Enhanced Grip and Stability: The permanent SG studs offer deeper penetration into softer ground, providing you with unmatched grip and stability. Enjoy improved traction and confident acceleration, even on muddy or slippery fields, allowing you to make quick turns and agile movements with ease.

  3. Tailored Performance: Every player has a unique playing style, and our conversion empowers you to customize your footwear accordingly. By permanently converting your cleats to SG, you can adapt to different pitch conditions, gaining a competitive edge over your opponents and showcasing your skills to the fullest.

How does the permanent transformation work?

  1. Order your favorite pair: Once you've ordered your wanted football cleats at FTBLBOOTS and added the service to your order, we're starting the conversion process for you.

  2. Premium-Quality Components: We prioritize durability and reliability, which is why the SG studs are made of high-quality alloy, providing exceptional strength and longevity. Rest assured, your cleats will withstand rigorous play and endure the test of time.

  3. Compatibility and Adaptability: Our conversion service is compatible with nearly all FG football cleats, ensuring a perfect fit for various models. Whether you're a professional athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, these cleats can be permanently converted to SG, making them a versatile addition to your sports gear collection.

Experience the difference today!

Take your game to new heights with our stud conversion service.
Embrace the permanence, flexibility, and adaptability the converted cleats offer, and conquer the challenges of any playing surface with confidence. Don't limit your potential—unleash it!

Order your wanted FG pair and add the conversion service to enjoy the benefits of exceptional traction, stability, and versatility. It's time to elevate your performance to the next level!